Neighborhood Food Solutions initiated its youth program to build strong foundation for the community. The Program for Entrepreneurial and Agricultural Training (PEAT) began as a partnership between Dane County Planning and Development and the South Madison Farmer’s Market to get a younger generation involved in the urban farming efforts in their community. It is a summer employment program that provides an opportunity for low-income and at-risk teens to learn new skills.

Through mentorship and job training courses, teens are able to gain hands-on experience of running a farm and selling their crops at a market. Students are able to apply through their schools and once accepted get an introduction to farming and start to get their hands dirty right away! The students learn plant identification, crop planning and plant cultivation all while on the farm with a local farmer. They also spend some time in the classroom learning business skills such as budgeting, market and sales. This program provides students with summer employment, new job skills and an amazing experience they will not forget.

Benefits for Students

Students Learn

  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Employment experience
  • New skills, tools – agriculture and business
  • Mentorship
  • More responsibility

How to sign up: 

Sign up through your school or contact us for more information: info@nfsinc.org